Crossway publishing has a book in the pipeline with an imprint entitled The Book of Death

Crossway Publishing has announced that it has a new title in the works.

Crossway Publishing, which has been in the publishing business since 1996, has recently launched its latest book in its imprints: The Book Of Death.

Crossway has published more than 10 million books across more than 120 titles, including such popular titles as, andThe Book of Life.

The publisher has announced the title The Book OF Death will be a standalone title in 2018, but the title is not yet official.

According to a statement, the titleis an exploration of the human condition, one that explores the origins and purpose of life, and the many paths that lead to and the meaning that it brings.

The title, which is set in a futuristic society, will explore the way we live our lives, the world we live in and the people we live with.

The Book OF death will focus on the human spirit and the lessons that can be learned from our own experience and from those who have come before us.

This will be written from a human perspective, as the book is not meant to be a book for those who are “just another human”.

According to the publisher, The Book is a collection of reflections on human nature, the human experience and the relationship between humans and the universe.

The book will be the first in a series of books that will explore topics related to the human race and the human world.

Crossways imprint has published a number of books over the years, includingand the most recent of which wasThe Book Of Life, published by Crossway in 2014.