Dover, publisher of the holman bible publisher, to suspend sale of new editions of the bible

dover publishing will suspend sales of new copies of the Holman Bible until it can review its business and ensure it is complying with a new law that will require publishers to ensure that the books sold in the U.S. are accurate, unbiased, and not influenced by bias.

According to a statement released by Dover, the new law, which goes into effect on February 1, requires publishers to “proactively review the business practices and practices of third-party booksellers to determine whether they meet the criteria for compliance” with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).

Dover previously suspended sales of the new edition of the Holy Bible due to its content, which included anti-LGBT language, anti-gay marriage statements, and depictions of the biblical Abraham.

The new law has spurred some religious groups to withdraw from the Holmans business, including Exodus International, which is owned by the Holmen family.

Dover said in the statement that the company is reviewing its business practices, and that it is “working with the publishing industry to ensure a level playing field for all books sold and that all content is presented in a manner consistent with our principles of objectivity and truthfulness.”

“This is a critical time in the book publishing industry,” the statement continued.

“Publishers are trying to navigate a very difficult time.

It is important that we work together to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to purchase the Holmmans Bible.”

The Holmans Bible will be available for purchase in the United States through Dover’s online store, which will also be available to purchase through bookstores.

Dove’s decision to halt sales comes a week after the Holmers announced plans to withdraw their company from the Bible and other Christian book publishers, following protests at bookstores across the country.

The Holmons decision follows a week-long boycott of bookstores and other outlets that sell the Holy Scripture, as well as other Christian and Jewish publications, that have refused to carry the new book, which was published by Holman.

The Holmans family has previously come under fire for supporting and publishing books that have been deemed by some to be anti-Semitic, including a Holocaust-denying book by Israeli author Uri Avnery, who is an outspoken critic of the Jewish state.

In a letter released in March to the Jewish community, Holmman President, Mike Holman, wrote, “We are not trying to sell books that are considered by some of the world’s most extreme anti-Semites as being anti-Israel.

We have been deeply offended by what has been perceived as an effort to turn the Holy Scriptures into a ‘Christian’ book.

We are not going to be selling books that include, say, the Book of Ruth.

That is simply not our philosophy.”

Holmman also removed its Christian-oriented publications, including its book series, from sale in its online store and stopped accepting orders for its new books.

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