Dubliners get their first taste of the literary world’s newest trend – self-publishing

Dubliners are being encouraged to self-publicise by an Irish literary group as part of a campaign to encourage writers to take a break from the grind of the world’s most competitive publishing market.

Dublin Literary Festival organiser Peter Byrne told the Irish Independent the initiative was aimed at encouraging readers to get involved in the literary arts.

“If you don’t get involved, you won’t be reading the books,” Mr Byrne said.

“I think people are going to be asking themselves, ‘what do I do if I’m going to read this book and not read the book, or I’m not going to get out of bed to read the next book?'”

Mr Byrne said he hoped the self-published approach would help to build up the Dublin literary scene and attract new talent.

“We’re all going to start reading books and there’s nothing more exciting than that,” he said.

The idea for the Dublin Literary Festival was conceived by the organisation, which is run by a group of literary directors, including a number of self-proclaimed “literary royalty” who have worked in the city for decades.

It is the brainchild of the Dublin City Literary Development Trust, which manages the city’s literary landscape and the literary sector of the city.

The Literary Festival is run jointly by the Dublin Institute of Arts and the Arts Council of Ireland.

The Irish Independent understands the initiative is part of the ongoing creative arts and design exhibition, the Art & Design Show, which runs until August 6.

Mr Byrne described the festival as a “huge opportunity” for young people to get engaged with creative and creative-based art.

“Young people want to see their art or design become a part of their own identity,” he told the newspaper.

“And so, I think we can do a lot of good by encouraging people to read, listen and create and I think that’s what we’re trying to do here.”

He said the festival was not limited to literary books.

“It’s also about making people aware of the creative arts,” he added.

“You can also have a creative experience with music, painting, music video, fashion, theatre, dance and of course the arts of craftsmanship.”

The Literary festival is open to anyone aged 18 and over, and the organisers have encouraged anyone interested to take part.

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