How to get a Kindle book published on the Kindle self-publishing platform

India’s largest publishing house, Dora Books, is taking on a novel that could be the first ever book published by a self-published book publisher in the country.

The book, titled ‘The Book of the Year’, is set in a dystopian future in which the entire world has been wiped out by the virus.

The book, called ‘The Books of the Century’, was launched by Dora in the city of Mumbai in December last year.

It was hailed by critics and booksellers alike for its vivid depictions of life in the year 2038.

“This is one of the few books I can think of where the author has a clear sense of vision,” said Shailesh Sharma, co-founder of Dora.

“I think it’s a very interesting book and very well done.

It’s a great book and I think that all publishers should follow this example.”

Sharma told Quartz that the book is not a political manifesto, but rather a work of social satire that addresses the issues that affect the people in our lives today.

“We are seeing a rise in inequality and corruption, and I want to make a book that’s aimed at addressing the issues of poverty, food insecurity, unemployment and inequality,” Sharma said.

“So far I’ve read books that are political in nature, but this one has a lot of humor and a lot more in common with the world today than most political books.”

A major part of the book, Sharma said, is the way in which people are trying to understand each other.

“People are still struggling to come to terms with the fact that they are living in an imperfect society, but they have to deal with the realities of modernity,” he said.

“People are not as isolated as they used to be, but there are some big questions still to be answered.

People are still searching for answers and I hope that in the future we can all take part in a world where everyone is in their place, even if that means writing this book.”