Tor to move to more curated news sites

The Tor Project announced Wednesday that it will move its curated news site to a new site that it says is designed to allow users to read the news with less bias.

Tor’s move comes as it’s been criticized for its lack of openness, including its apparent unwillingness to make its users more informed about their rights in cyberspace.

The news site will continue to exist on Tor’s own servers and will be accessible only via a desktop app, as Tor calls it.

Tor also said that it’s also shifting its website to use a new technology called “network neutrality” that allows for greater transparency about the privacy and security of its users.

It also plans to make a few other changes to the site.

In its announcement, Tor said that the site will now be called “Tor News,” and that the new site will have a new logo and some other visual changes.

The new site’s design will look similar to that of its old home, but it will also have more focus on curating and informing users about what’s happening in the world of digital freedom.

The site will also be available on desktop and mobile devices.

The move comes in response to recent controversies over the company’s policies around transparency and how it treats journalists.

Last week, Tor launched a new initiative called “OpenLeaks” that it said would help it get more stories out about how governments and corporations use surveillance tools.

Tor CEO and cofounder Bram Cohen, speaking to the New York Times, said in a statement that the news site was designed to be a “safe haven for the news” and that Tor “wouldn’t be here without the support of the community.”

The company also announced Wednesday it was revising its corporate structure and moving its headquarters to Europe, citing its continued need to be transparent about its practices.