What does an Army publishing unit do?

Armed forces publishing units (APFs) publish books and magazines to help support the army and promote national security.

The government has set up four APFs to run such publications: Army Publishing Press and Publication Development Board, Army Publishing Publications and Publications Development Board and Army Publishing Publishing Publications Development and Training Board.

The first three have the title of ‘Army Publishing Press’ and ‘Army Publications Development’.

The fourth one is ‘Army publishing publications and publications development’.

The APFs were set up in 2017 and 2018 respectively to support the Army publishing units.

The first APF, the APF of the Army Publishing Media, has been established by the army for the purpose of publishing books and journals.

The APF has also been created to manage the Army publications, such as magazines, and the Army publication and publishing development unit, the Army Publications and Publishing Development and Tactical Training Board, which is responsible for training soldiers in military science.

The Army Publishing Units’ Department of Publications and Publishers has been set up to ensure the Army publishes and distributes books and publications and that the Army has access to the best and most accurate information.

The Department of Publication and Publishing also aims to maintain a professional environment, encourage and foster a culture of professional development and enhance the quality of the service.

According to a statement issued by the Army Press Corps in April, the government has also decided to set up a new APF under the title ‘Army Production and Publishing’.

The department will be led by a Deputy Director General (DDG), Army Press Department, who will also have responsibility for the operational management of the APFs.

In the statement, the statement said that the new APFs will work closely with the army’s Army Production and Publication Command, the Military Commanding Officer Command and the Commanding General of the Defence Forces (COGC), to ensure that Army publications are produced in a high standard of quality.

The APFs are expected to begin publishing books, journals and magazines in March 2019.

The Army Presses have also been given the task of coordinating the Army’s production and distribution of books and newspapers.