Why I bought an iPad for free

I bought a iPad in August 2016 for $249.99, and I have not used it for a week.

I have been writing about Apple products since 2008, when I started writing about smartphones.

As I’ve written about a range of tech gadgets, I’ve spent a lot of time researching Apple’s products.

My biggest gripe with Apple products is the software.

Apple products have always had bugs, and the company hasn’t done much to fix them.

For me, I’m frustrated with the Apple Watch, because it’s buggy and confusing.

The Apple Watch is the company’s biggest hit, with an estimated $8bn in sales last year, according to IDC.

However, Apple’s failure to address issues with the Watch, as well as the WatchKit framework, mean it’s still a very buggy product.

In fact, Apple is now considering a replacement for the Watch.

So what is the reason for me to buy an Apple product?

As part of my research, I had an iPad with me for the last week.

As I wrote earlier this year, I was very impressed with the device, which was the first iPad to come with an OLED screen, a feature that has since been added to most of the iPad models.

This made the device incredibly attractive to me.

A year later, however, Apple had dropped support for the OLED screen.

That left me with an iPad Pro with no display.

Then, I got an iPad Air with the screen removed, and this time I really wanted an OLED display.

The iPad Air was also my first tablet, and it’s one of the best devices I’ve ever used.

Since I didn’t own an iPad prior to buying an iPad, I decided to use the device as a reference for my own needs.

With my iPhone 6, I used it to write this article.

When I reviewed an iPhone 6 in March 2017, it was a revelation.

It was a step forward from my previous iPhone 6.

Now, with the iPad Pro, Apple has taken another big step forward with the display.

In fact, it’s the best display I’ve seen in years.

What can I learn from this?

Apple’s new OLED display makes the iPad a great value, and its new screen allows for better multitasking and better battery life.

If you’re looking for a great iPad for $99.99 or less, the iPad is worth the $249 purchase price.

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