How to find publishers near me in a hurry

The Verge is launching a new section of its website that lets you see the approximate locations of publishers near you.The site currently has a map of all the major US publishers, but now it’s introducing a new tool that allows you to quickly see the locations of each publisher in a city.You can click […]

How to Get Paid To Sell Books in China

A Chinese online book publisher has raised nearly $500,000 to build its digital publishing business in the United States, the first American publisher to do so.Tradenet, a unit of China’s largest online bookstore chain, announced Monday that it raised $1.6 million in a private equity fund led by billionaire investor David Rubenstein.Traditionally, Chinese publishers have […]

How to be a Christian in the digital age

Christian publishers have been scrambling to stay ahead of a wave of anti-Christian content on the internet.From videos and social media posts aimed at attacking religious figures and groups to hateful images and jokes, Christians face a constant battle to stay relevant in the increasingly digital age.Below, we’ve rounded up the top 20 stories about […]

How to tackle ‘fake news’

An article on the front page of Al Jazeera’s website, headlined “The truth of what’s happening in the world is getting bigger,” claimed that the world was getting “bigger and bigger”.The article was published on November 17.The article described an “unprecedented rise in fake news” and the “increasing influence” of the “right wing”.The Al Jazeera […]

How to make your own music app for Google Music

How to build your own free music app with Google Music?┬áIn the age of the Google Music app, the idea of making a music app is pretty much gone.But with the launch of Android Lollipop, it is possible to create your own customisable music app that you can distribute with Google Play Music.The process to […]