How to find publishers near me in a hurry

The Verge is launching a new section of its website that lets you see the approximate locations of publishers near you.

The site currently has a map of all the major US publishers, but now it’s introducing a new tool that allows you to quickly see the locations of each publisher in a city.

You can click on a publisher name to see a detailed map of that publisher’s offices, and you can click a city to see more detailed information about the location.

In the map, you’ll see an outline of the building, and a number that represents how many employees the company has.

The smaller the number, the fewer employees the publisher has, and the larger the number is.

For instance, you can see that there are a few publishers in New York City with about 20 employees each.

If you click the name of one of those publishers, you will get a list of all its offices, plus its address, phone number, and e-mail address.

If I want to check out that publisher, I need to get in touch with the office, and it takes me to a Google Maps-based website, where I can find their office by clicking on their name.

It’s a neat feature, and I’d love to see it in a wider range of publishing companies, but it’s something that publishers and publishers looking for locations should really start looking for.

The map is still pretty limited, but you can browse the site by state or city to find locations.