How to write a ‘perfect’ Facebook post

publisher Microsoft article Microsoft published a detailed guide for the social network’s users to write “perfect” Facebook posts, including how to include a photo, video and even an emoticon.

The document, titled How to Create a Perfect Facebook Post, explains how to use Facebook’s built-in sharing tools to help users share and comment on their friends’ posts, but it also includes tips for posting in a more “professional” style.

Microsoft also offers several templates for posting a photo and sharing it with a small group of friends.

For example, the document includes a “perfect Facebook post template” that can be used to create a Facebook photo that has a caption and a photo caption.

It includes the template with a screenshot and an attachment for a photo of your friends that you want to share with a larger group.

The document also shows how to write an emoticons and a comment for a Facebook post.

Microsoft has also released a template for using a social media post as a template to create an image caption for a comment on a post.

The template is available for download at Microsoft’s blog.

Microsoft says its templates are meant to help people “develop a strong brand identity, create an online presence, and build a compelling social media presence” for their businesses.