What you need to know about the new Washington publishing company

An Indian-American business owner says she is optimistic about a new publishing venture she hopes will bring new ideas to the American market.

Rajesh Srivastava’s Washington, D.C.-based company, WDC Publishing, announced its plans Monday.

The company, which was formed in 2013 to produce children’s books and is run by Srivas mother, has about 50 employees and a sales team in New York.

It also operates a library in Washington and is selling books to American universities and schools.

Srivastavas company’s mission is to provide educational opportunities and create social change, according to the company’s website.

The book is titled “The Little Mermaid: The Journey of Prince Eric and Prince Charming in the Arabian Sea.”

Srivas, who has lived in the Washington, DC, area for 30 years, said she hopes the new company will attract the likes of her husband and their two sons to Washington.

She also hopes it will help her expand her business beyond children’s literature.

She said she is working on several books about her family’s roots in India and plans to release books about topics like “The Indian Story.”

Sri Lanka is home to about 100,000 Sri Lankans and one million Americans, according the U.S. Census Bureau.

The Indian-born Srivakas parents, Rakesh and Sudhir, immigrated to the U, the youngest of six children, in 1974.

Sri Lankan authorities have called the book a blasphemous work that was blasphemously inspired by Hindu scriptures.