5 Things You Should Know About The New Man Springs Publishing Company

A new publishing company called Newman Springs Publishing is coming to the Cambridge Scholars publishing imprint.

The publishing company was founded in 2014 by Cambridge Scholars senior editor Daniel A. Sullivan, who says he “started working for Newman Spring in 2010 as a student at the Cambridge Institute of Contemporary Art.”

Newman spring was the first imprint to publish work by the Cambridge Scholar, which has a monthly subscription.

The Cambridge Scholar has been a mainstay for Cambridge scholars since it was founded.

The imprint was the only publisher to print the works of Harvard Classics scholar James H. Wrenn, a member of the Oxford and Cambridge Society of Authors.

The other Cambridge Scholars publishers, Wrenner and the Cambridge Journals, had a history of publishing works by authors including Alexander Pope, who died in 2009.

“Newman Spring was a fantastic place to work, I would say,” Sullivan told the Boston Globe.

“It was very creative, very welcoming to everyone.

We were treated with respect and the staff were very kind and very helpful.”

Sullivan says the imprint has had “huge success” with the Cambridge scholars.

“There’s a lot of great authors who are still doing great work in Cambridge,” he said.

The company was formed by Daniel Sullivan, a Cambridge Scholar who worked for Newmans publishers.

The Newmans imprint is a new publishing firm for Cambridge Scholars, which is a member-owned company with a strong commitment to publishing the works that have been published by Cambridge scholars over the past several decades.

Sullivan told Boston.com that he believes Cambridge scholars are a diverse group and that there are some authors that are “really very well known” in the field.

“And then there’s a small group of very, very talented young authors who have never worked with anyone else in the publishing industry,” he told the Globe.

Sullivan said the imprint will also be “very committed to the work of the Cambridge Scholarship.”

He said the company is “a small, one-person operation.”

Sullivan said he hopes the company will be able to “open doors for the next generation of authors and give them a place to publish.”

Sullivan has been with the imprint since 2014.

“We’re excited about our new partnership with Newmans,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan told Massachusetts.com he is “really excited to work with the Harvard Scholars and really look forward to the partnership.””

In a way, we’re creating an imprint of the Harvard Classics for the Cambridge scholarship.”

Sullivan told Massachusetts.com he is “really excited to work with the Harvard Scholars and really look forward to the partnership.”

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