Apple releases Kindle ebook reader app

Apple has released an updated version of its Kindle eBook reader app for iPad, the latest version of which allows users to read and copy files and edit text on the device.

The app allows users in the Apple Watch app to navigate through the contents of an ebook, as well as adding annotations to the title, author and publisher information.

Users can also access files stored on the devices SD card.

The update also adds support for Apple Watch 2 and Apple Watch 3.

It’s a major upgrade to the Kindle eBook Reader app that launched last year.

The latest version is the latest update to the software, which was released earlier this year, and it brings support for a variety of formats, including PDF, EPUB, and MOBI.

It also brings a number of new features including new filters, filters for bookmarks, and the ability to search for books.

The new Kindle app is a step up from previous versions, which were based on the HTML5 platform.

The HTML5 format can support multiple pages, but its performance is severely limited.

In particular, it’s not supported for images.

Apple has previously made a number inroads into the ebook market with the introduction of its own eBook reader on the Apple TV.

But it’s also focused its attention on the Kindle book reader and Kindle e-reader, which are both powered by the HTML6 standard.