Barbour Publishing is closing its UK business

Posted December 09, 2018 08:00:53Barbour Publishing, the publisher of the popular video game The Last of Us, is shutting its UK publishing arm, Worth Publishers, and will shift its focus to creating and publishing games for the mobile gaming industry.

Barbour’s decision follows the closure of a number of other publishers, including the publisher behind the game Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, who has said it is planning to re-launch as a new publisher.

Barb’s UK office was closed in December 2016, but it was reopened after it was reported that it had been using the company’s website for the past year to market its games.

The publisher has also been working with a number game developers to create games for both iOS and Android.

Barbreth and Worth were founded by former EA employees and their success has led to the creation of a successful line of games, including games for EA’s Origin platform.

Barbor Publishing also has a strong presence in the game publishing industry, including publishing games on mobile platforms including iOS and Google Play, and also on PC and Mac.

In a statement, Barbour said it was “committed to making a successful comeback”, and it was looking forward to its return to publishing games through Worth Publishers.

“We are thrilled to be returning to the UK, and looking forward with great enthusiasm to seeing you all there,” Barbour Publisher Steve Barbarelli said in a statement.

“You will see more of our games, and we are looking forward working with you on some new projects.”