HarperCollins publisher Sage publishes a sequel to its 2010 fantasy series The Amazons

Publisher HarperCollins publishes a new sequel to one of its best-selling fantasy series.

The AmAZON Publishing Company, the publishing arm of publisher Sage Publications, announced Friday that it has purchased the rights to The Amazon Publishing Company’s 2011 fantasy series “The Amazon Chronicles,” a book which has been described as the best-seller in the genre and is also the most popular of all the fantasy books that have been published in the last decade.

The publisher said it intends to publish “The Black Rose Chronicles” in May.

The Black Roses Chronicles are a collection of stories that were published between 2000 and 2007 by publisher Sage Publishing.

The titles are set in the world of The Amacon Chronicles, a series of novels by author David Weber.

The books are written by David Weber, who is also a member of the Guild of Dunwich, a fictional fantasy group of fictional fantasy authors who have written about the adventures of a group of adventurers from the same fictional world.

The Black Roses books, which are about the Black Roses family, have sold well.

“The Chronicles” has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide, according to Amazon.com.

In a statement on its website, HarperCollins said that it had purchased the Amazon publishing company’s “Black Rose Chronicles.”

“In The Black Rose and The Amazo Chronicles, author David has brought his unique vision of fantasy to life with an exciting new take on a beloved fantasy series, The Amaze.

The result is a collection that will be remembered as one of the best of the last few decades,” the statement read.

“We are very proud of the impact that David has had on fantasy fiction in general, and are excited to bring his unique and imaginative vision to the world, and in particular to our readers.”

The Black and Amazoon books were published by Sage Publishing in 2008 and 2009, respectively.

They are about a group called The Amazes, who are a group made up of young people from different countries who travel across the globe.

“Amaron Chronicles” is set in a fictional world called “The Albion,” where the Amazes travel from place to place and battle monsters.

The Amaze Chronicles are among the best fantasy books published in 2010, according a New York Times review.

“Amazons are magical beings who live on the surface of the world and inhabit the depths of the ocean.

They travel through the world by a magical force called the Amaze Force.

They possess great powers and are known for their cunning and cunningness,” wrote Michael R. Fletcher.

“In this book, the Amazona Chronicles series brings the Amazing universe to life in a new and original way, with all new characters, locations, and story lines.”