How to create an ebook-optimized, self-publishing book using Apple’s AppleScript engine

iOS developers will soon have the ability to write self-published books using AppleScript.

AppleScript, a new feature in iOS 8, allows developers to create custom extensions to native apps and libraries, as well as to create book-like pages that can be published to an e-book platform.

AppleScript works in conjunction with native apps to improve the experience of reading and publishing books.

For example, AppleScript will automatically generate PDF files for your native app, allowing it to run on the native app’s hardware.

Apple is also working on adding support for PDF-to-X-Publishing, which would allow authors to publish their books to a publisher’s online store.

While AppleScript’s new features might not be all that novel, there’s already a lot of work in the works to bring AppleScript to the mainstream.

For one, Apple is already working on its own PDF-optimization technology, called “Book Builder,” that will be added to iOS 10 and 11.

This will allow developers to optimize the performance of their native apps for iOS 10.

Apple also announced a new set of book-specific APIs, called Book Extensions, for developers to add to their apps.

These APIs can help developers to increase the speed of PDF generation and PDF export, and will enable developers to integrate AppleScript into their native applications.

Apple’s Book Extensions API will be available for free from iOS 11’s Developer Preview in early 2018, but Apple is asking developers to fork the code, which is now available to download.

The API is the result of the company’s effort to “transform the entire iOS ecosystem.”

The new APIs will allow iOS developers to write “self-publisher apps” that will let users choose their own author and title.

The APIs will also allow iOS 10 developers to “generate, load, and display PDF files from AppleScript.”

These APIs will be open source and will allow other developers to leverage them to make custom book-optimizing extensions for their native app.

The APIs are part of Apple’s effort “to turn the iPhone into a world-class, universal reading experience for people who want to create their own books,” Apple said.

“AppleScript has the potential to revolutionize the way people create and publish books.”

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