Which of the top 10 best college football programs in the country?

The 10 best teams in college football are the top two-way conference contenders, according to the latest ESPN Power Rankings.

And if you’re a top-five-ranked team, you might be the biggest threat to a No. 1-ranked squad.

The rankings, released Wednesday, take into account a combination of factors, including a team’s conference position and whether its top two quarterbacks are among the top five in the nation, among other factors.

They also consider factors such as a team having a high-scoring offense, a strong defense, and the number of players eligible for the 2016 recruiting class, which includes a wide array of players who have played in the NFL and college.

The Top 10: Top teams ranked according to Power Rankings for 2016.

Rank Team SEC Rank SEC1 Alabama 8-0 (2) 2 Auburn 5-0 2 Georgia 5-1 3 Alabama 3-1 4 LSU 3-2 5 Georgia 4-0 6 Mississippi State 3-3 7 LSU 4-1 8 Ohio State 3.5-1 9 Florida State 4-2 10 Georgia Tech 3-4 11 Florida 4-3 12 LSU 3.3-2 13 Michigan State 4.0-1 14 Texas A&M 4.2-2 15 Auburn 4.3 15 Texas 4.5 16 LSU 4.7 17 Ohio State 4

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