What Microsoft needs to do to fix its Office productivity woes

Microsoft is facing a crisis of confidence as the company struggles to deliver a productivity boost to customers, and it’s losing sales at home.

The latest figures from the firm show that Microsoft’s PC sales fell by 9.5% last quarter, as customers switched from Windows PCs to tablets and smartphones.

It’s a dramatic drop, and the decline is likely to put a damper on Microsoft’s plans to sell more devices with Office on them.

Microsoft’s sales dropped in every region except the US.

The company’s PC share is now just 1.5%, down from 2.6% a year ago.

It is also down from 5.4% in the same period a year earlier, and 3.4%, a year before the Windows 10 launch.

Microsoft is facing pressure from competitors to increase its sales, and this is the most recent sign that Microsoft needs some help.

It has been under pressure from Apple, Google, Samsung, and Amazon to increase sales of its Office suite.

Office productivity has been a critical component of the company’s products for years, and a big part of its sales.

The Office suite, however, has struggled to match its productivity rivals, and Microsoft has been struggling to sell a lot of Office users, particularly in its home market.

Microsoft has long promised to boost productivity by offering more apps for customers to use, but the recent drop in sales and the continued decline in PC sales suggests it might be willing to compromise to achieve a more modest boost.

Microsoft has said that it will continue to support Office for PCs and tablets, but only to a limited extent.

Office has long been the default for PCs, and there are some Office apps for tablets that can’t be found on Windows, such as iPhoto.

Microsoft also released a new version of its Outlook client for Android, which has been criticized by some as being too slow for the tablet market.

This is because Android tablets are designed for use on a high-resolution screen, and Outlook doesn’t have the same level of performance that other apps can offer.

Microsoft is also struggling to offer a good experience on Windows 10, which is one of the main reasons it is selling more PCs and phones with Office.

Windows 10 has long struggled to gain traction in the market, and its problems have been a big problem for Microsoft.

In the first quarter of 2018, the firm reported a 25% decline in its PC sales, compared to the same quarter a year prior.

Microsoft’s smartphone business is also suffering, and while the company has been trying to find ways to boost sales, they haven’t worked.

Microsoft now faces a serious shortage of customers.

The number of people using its Office 365 cloud services has dropped by 30% in its first quarter, and sales of Office 365 subscriptions have dropped by an even larger 50% in that time.

The service is now more than half of all customers.

Office 365 has also seen the biggest drop in revenue since it launched in 2014.

Microsoft expects to hit its 2018 revenue target of $20 billion, but with fewer people using the service and fewer subscribers, it may struggle to reach that mark.

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