What to Read next in the poetry book publishing debate

Poetry book publisher Heinemann Publishing is currently engaged in a legal battle with its publisher, New Directions, to end its contract with New Directions.

The dispute started after New Directions allegedly paid royalties from a poetry book by poet, artist and author Sam Shepard.

The royalties from Shepard’s poem “Crazy,” which is featured in Shepard’s collection, The Art of Poetry, allegedly amounted to more than $100,000 per book.

In its latest motion filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, New Horizons argues that the royalties from “Crazed” are the only source of income for the company, and that New Directions owes them.

In addition, the company alleges that it “lacks adequate control over the books and that its rights to the books are effectively owned by the author,” according to the motion.

“In short, [New Horizons] is seeking to extort a fee from [New Directions] to terminate the contracts that are the basis for its continued business,” according the motion filed by New Horizons.

The company’s motion is not expected to be heard by the court until next month.

New Horizons was formed in 2008.

It was purchased by Heineman in 2016 for $1.5 billion.

In June 2017, the firm purchased the publishing company Random House for $850 million.

Heinemains lawsuit was filed in September 2018 and was filed by the National Council for Poetry and the Poetry Book Publishers Association.

The National Council and the publisher said in a statement that they would continue to defend the rights of authors and publishers.

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