What you need to know about Zhealth, a new medical cannabis company

By Amy Zilberstein | 05/10/2018 07:00:30Published: 05/11/2018 09:07:30Zhealth is a brand-new medical cannabis brand from medical cannabis startup Zilberman.

The company’s product is based on the patented BioMarijuana platform, which was introduced to the medical cannabis industry in March of 2017.

The platform has a proprietary blend of cannabinoids that can be administered in a very safe, convenient way, according to CEO, Dan Wrobel.

The bio-marijuana is being marketed in a variety of products, including CBD, THC, cannabidiol, and tetrahydrocannabinol.

Zhealth, along with BioMile, has developed an exclusive BioMilium technology that uses patented technology and patented technology-derived bio-patent technology to produce cannabis extract.

In March, the company launched its pre-orders, which is a big deal for the company, as it can be the first medical cannabis producer in the US to reach a pre-order market, according the company.

“With our patented Bio Milium platform, Zhealth is able to deliver a medical cannabis product in a manner that is safe and convenient for patients, caregivers, and physicians,” said Dan Wrosbel.

“We’re proud to have been a pioneer in this space, and hope to build on that momentum by providing our customers with a safe and effective alternative to the illegal and potentially deadly drugs currently on the market.”

The company is now shipping products through a warehouse in the United States.

The company has also announced plans to open its first licensed facility in California.

The BioMilitium technology is patented in the USA, and it was developed by a team of doctors, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies.

The team was working on their own version of the patented technology.

The team has previously released medical cannabis products that include: Bio-Nova CBD, Bio-Peg, BioMillion, BioZine, BioSpira, BioPig, BioGel, BioSpark, and BioCannabinoids.

Zilberman will continue to focus on developing products that deliver safe, effective, and effective medical cannabis.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to help bring this technology to the market in a way that is consistent with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration,” said Wrosbell.

The companies have also partnered with pharmaceutical companies, like Pfizer, and Biogen, to develop products for their products.

The partnership will help make it easier for patients to access and use the products.

The Zilbers will also continue to grow their team, and are looking to hire a senior pharmacist to work with them.ZHealth’s product line will include:Tetrahydrobi-N, a blend of THC, CBD, cannabi-cannabidol, and terpenes.

BioCannabis, a bio-plant derived cannabis extract that contains high levels of CBD.

BioMilia, a proprietary bio-potent CBD extract.

BioDram, a cannabis extract based on BioMiliium technology.

BioViva, a strain-based bio-pump that contains a strain of Cannabis Sativa, to deliver cannabis extract in a low-to-moderate dose.

BioTron, a low dose THC extract.

BioMilia BioTrol is a BioMilioni-based CBD bio-product that will be used in BioMillium technology, according a press release.

BioRx, a high-dose BioMilo-based THC extract that will make BioMILium technology compatible with the BioMilic, BioRX BioR x BioTrop, BioTrotron BioR X, and bio-Pem bio-products.

BioViva BioTros is a biomedicinal cannabis extract produced by BiologiViva to produce high-level bio-phenol in a single infusion.

BioBromo, a BioTro product that delivers a bioenergetic bioenergetically to treat cancer.

BioPeg BioPEG is a low, low dose bioenergotically infused bio-cannabinoid extract to treat glioma.

BioZini, a Biologii Zini bio-energetic cannabis extract, to treat advanced gliomas.

BioCannabinoid is a proprietary cannabinoid-derived extract with high CBD content and low THC content that will deliver the highest therapeutic potency of CBD and THC, according BioMily.

BioSpiria is a strain specific BioMilla BioMia extract.

Its high CBD level will make it ideal for treating patients with advanced glial tumors.

BioBromocannabinoid BioPem BioMica is a CBD-based BioMilera BioMina extract.

It has high CBD levels to treat patients with metastatic glioblastoma.

BioPeg Biologic, a CBD