Cambridge Scholars publishing review of new Cambridge Scholars title “We’re a little surprised”

Cambridge University’s scholars have published an editorial criticizing the new Cambridge scholars publishing program.

They say they expect to see a lot of duplication in the catalog, a practice they say is contrary to the principles of scholarly discovery.

Cambridge University’s scholarly publishing program has a list of titles that will be published in the spring.

They include a wide range of publications, including academic journals, books, bookshelves, audio books and other forms.

But it also includes titles published in academic journals.

Cambridge scholars say in their review of the new program that duplication is contrary both to the goal of scholarly publishing and the principles behind discovery.

They also say the program is designed to encourage duplication and increase the likelihood of a “divergence” in what is published.

They also question the value of having a dedicated academic journal publisher.

The journal publisher should have the freedom to choose the journal title, according to the scholars.

“The journal publishers have the choice to choose what they publish, but they’re not making that choice,” said Professor James D. Martin, one of the editors of the review.

“Cambridge has the choice of publishing the same journal that is being offered by Cambridge University, or they could be offering a journal of their own.”

Cambridge researchers and scholars have criticized the new journal for having too many titles that are different from each other, for having no clear purpose, for being overly focused on one topic and for being poorly curated.

Cambridge’s new program was developed after Cambridge’s library had to move to a new facility and a new publisher.

Cambridge scholars say there is a need for more diversity and for journal publishers to have the ability to choose their own journal titles.

Camford’s program is not a formal academic journal.

Cambridge is a non-profit, and it is the only university in the U.K. to publish scholarly research in a nonproprietary format.

The program aims to help the university publish more books, journals, and other types of publications.

Cambridge officials say the new journals will provide the opportunity for researchers to publish more articles and papers, which will improve the quality of their work.

Cambridge has not yet set a goal for the number of titles published.

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