Which books will be on free spirit’s fall list?

The list of free spirit books to be dropped from the college’s free spirit publishing program is now open.Free spirit’s free edition of the New York Times bestselling “A Guide to Making a Living” has been dropped from its list of available titles to students this year, but students who already own the book can […]

Penguin publishing is ‘tough luck’ as sales drop off

By MICHAEL GARLAND-BROWNBERRY-LEIGH, AP Business WriterThe New York TimesPublishers of Penguin’s flagship magazine Penguin have taken a hit, with the average bookseller losing nearly 30% of their value in the past year, the Times reported Thursday.In the U.S., bookselling volumes fell 3% in April and May from a year earlier, with average booksellers losing roughly […]

How to create a book cover for your church

By clicking the button below, you will be redirected to a store where you can purchase the print version of the book.You can then print out the book, read it and re-order it for your congregation.For more information on how to print a book, please visit the store or visit the links below.1.Bookstore.com: Amazon.com (Kindle, […]