How to find a new eBook publisher on

The Big 5 publishers that have signed onto Amazon Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Publishing Services (APS) have been around for a while, and they’re all in different stages of their evolution.But it seems like a natural progression to move away from traditional publishers as the Kindle has become more popular and consumers increasingly use tablets […]

How the Internet Can Help UK Publishers Defeat Digital Books

By Emma HousleyThe British Library’s Digital Books Week 2016 is one of the biggest and most successful events in the country’s digital publishing industry.This year, the British Library, the UK’s leading public library, announced plans to launch the first ever national ebook market.This year, digital book sales in the UK have risen by 50% on […]

What is a “Google-owned” publisher?

By: David Bouchard, Contributing Writer Google owns publishers market, Dorrance Publishing, which publishes titles under the Google+ brand.The company announced the news today.“The news is significant because Google has been in the news a lot lately and we are delighted to see the publisher community react with interest to this news,” the company said in […]