How to create an ebook-optimized, self-publishing book using Apple’s AppleScript engine

iOS developers will soon have the ability to write self-published books using AppleScript.AppleScript, a new feature in iOS 8, allows developers to create custom extensions to native apps and libraries, as well as to create book-like pages that can be published to an e-book platform.AppleScript works in conjunction with native apps to improve the experience […]

How to make your own music app for Google Music

How to build your own free music app with Google Music?┬áIn the age of the Google Music app, the idea of making a music app is pretty much gone.But with the launch of Android Lollipop, it is possible to create your own customisable music app that you can distribute with Google Play Music.The process to […]

How to sell a Bible book without selling millions of copies.

The Bible is the world’s most widely-read and widely-used religion, with more than 80 million copies printed in print each year.Millions of Christians worldwide believe in its literal, infallible truth, but the truth is that the Bible’s accuracy can vary widely from generation to generation.A lot of that variation is due to the different approaches […]

Book publisher to end copyright agreement with Guardian

Book publishers are expected to close their doors for good next year.The Australian Book Publishers Association (ABCA) said it would not be making any final decisions on its relationship with publisher B&H and its parent company, Angel Publishing, as part of a three-year “pause”.Key points:The publisher announced last week it was ending its deal with […]