The most expensive books ever sold – in 1,000 words

A series of books, all published by Dover Publishing Group, was sold in a single day in the US, worth about $10,000.It’s the most expensive sales ever made in a book in Australia, according to the bookseller’s website.One book, The Children of the Revolution, was the most recent title to be published.The publisher, which has […]

The self-publishing revolution will soon be over: New research

The self publishing revolution is almost over, and there’s little doubt that the Internet is the way forward.But what about the next big revolution?In a new paper published online, three University of Pennsylvania economists explore what might happen if the Internet were to come to bear on the business model of traditional publishers.For the paper, […]

Crown Publishing Group: ‘There’s a real opportunity to get a lot more traction with people who are interested in digital’

Crown Publishing group is one of the best-known publishers in the world.However, this is only the beginning for the group as it seeks to expand its portfolio with a new ebook format and a new book publishing business model.The company, which owns several major publishing houses including Crown and Macmillan, is looking to take a […]