How to find publishers near me in a hurry

The Verge is launching a new section of its website that lets you see the approximate locations of publishers near you.The site currently has a map of all the major US publishers, but now it’s introducing a new tool that allows you to quickly see the locations of each publisher in a city.You can click […]

Google has ‘no reason to be afraid’ of antitrust claims from other publishers

Google is facing a lawsuit from publishers who claim the company is conspiring to monopolize their markets.The suit, filed by three former employees of publisher Tuttle Publishing, seeks class-action status and an unspecified amount of damages.It was filed in U.S. District Court in San Francisco on Thursday, three days after Google launched a counterattack against […]

New ebook book to launch in 2018

Authors and publishers have been working on a new ebook book that would help their publishers distribute and sell their books.The book, to be titled How to Write a Great Book, was released by Elsevier in 2018.It’s an ebook that could be used to help publishers sell books, but it’s also a publishing tool that […]