How you can get your football club to sell to Amazon

Facebook has a publishing tool that can help you reach a larger audience with your content, but it is not available for archway publishing.Facebook has launched its own publishing tool for archival publishing, which allows archival publishers to publish on their site.The publishing feature was launched last month.According to a Facebook spokesperson, the new archiving […]

What’s next for the Flyleaf Publishing Group?

The Flyleaf publishing group, which includes The Atlantic and Vice, is being sold to The Associated Press by the Hearst family, according to a news release issued Friday.The sale is subject to approval by Hearst, which owns Hearst Media Group, and is expected to close by the end of the year.Hearst’s decision means that The […]

Crown Publishing Group: ‘There’s a real opportunity to get a lot more traction with people who are interested in digital’

Crown Publishing group is one of the best-known publishers in the world.However, this is only the beginning for the group as it seeks to expand its portfolio with a new ebook format and a new book publishing business model.The company, which owns several major publishing houses including Crown and Macmillan, is looking to take a […]