How to create an ‘all-star’ writing staff

In the spirit of the holidays, ESPN has teamed up with soul publishing company Hazeldens publishing to create a creative writing team that includes the likes of the legendary David Bowie, the late Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and more.Hazeldeens publishing is best known for publishing “The Best of James Taylor,” but it has also produced […]

How to write an e-book from scratch

A self-described writer and publisher who has written more than 1,500 books has put his latest project online, using an online editor to make the changes necessary to get his e-books into the hands of readers.A version of this article appears in the September 24, 2018 issue of The Canadian Press.

How to get your email marketing message to get read

In an email, you can tell whether your email is being read by people who are interested in your content.Email marketing messages are written to the recipients, who are expected to respond.However, if your email doesn’t get read, it can cause confusion and disappointment.This article explains how to tell if an email you send is […]