The most expensive books ever sold – in 1,000 words

A series of books, all published by Dover Publishing Group, was sold in a single day in the US, worth about $10,000.It’s the most expensive sales ever made in a book in Australia, according to the bookseller’s website.One book, The Children of the Revolution, was the most recent title to be published.The publisher, which has […]

Book publisher menucha publishes the ‘Happiness’ book

The menucha publishing house has published the second book of the new series of the series, ‘Happily Ever After’.The book is titled Happy in the Morning, Happy in Your Love.The book, published by menucha, is available for pre-order from title is a reference to a song that was popularised in the 1950s by The […]

New ebook book to launch in 2018

Authors and publishers have been working on a new ebook book that would help their publishers distribute and sell their books.The book, to be titled How to Write a Great Book, was released by Elsevier in 2018.It’s an ebook that could be used to help publishers sell books, but it’s also a publishing tool that […]